What is Cuitisan ?

Cuitisan is the first range of

stainless steel food containers

which are...
Microwave Save!

But how is that possible?

Stainless steel in the microwave?!

  • Thanks to its coating developed and patented by our engineers, out Cuitisan container can be used in the microwave.

  • All our products are tested before they leave the factory and are certified by best European standards

Why choose a stainless steel

food container?

  • Food containers Cuitisan are healthy, light and odour free.

  • Its modern and premium look gives at the Cuitisan food container an innovative style.

  • They can be used to cook, store and transport your food.

  • Containers do not deform in the oven and microwave.

INFANT Kitchenware


Cuitisan also creates food and beverage containers for families with infants.