FLORA Rectangular No.6


Advises & Care


Micro & Oven

Products name: EC7-SS06


Size: 184cm x 130cm x 83mm


Capacity : 980ml / 19.6oz


Weight :  244g


Material of Container: Stainless steel


Materials of lid: PP, Silicon


Use: Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave*, Oven*

*without Lid


Made in South Korea

(1) To clean stainless steel products, please follow the instructions below to prevent from scratches, abrasion and black stains.

(2) To remove abrasive surface, please use a towel with cooking oil and clean both inner and outer surfaces

(3) Mix warm water, vinegar, and neutral detergent in 2:1:1 ratio and wash the surface with a sponge or a smooth scrubber. Dry the product before usage.

(4) To remove white stains, please mix 3-4 drops of vinegar or lemon with warm water and clean with a soft scrub.

(5) After multiple uses, if stains remain, please clean the product with vinegar. It will be more shiny afterwards.

(1) Keep the product out of reach of children.

(2) Keep away from fire heat or open flames.

(3) Beware of damage upon strong impact.

(4) Be cautious of burns while using the product with hot liquids.

(5) prevent usage of knife, forks or any metal materials on the product.

(6) use a soft scrubber. Rough surfaced scrubber may cause scratches and loss of shine.

(7) When unpacking, Prevent usage of sharp or pointed materials.

(8) To prevent lid damages, do not force on the lid directly after removing the products from the freezer. Please leave the product at room temperature for defrosting before opening the lid.

(9) Do not store milk, juice and dairy products for a long time.
It may alter the content.

(10) Do not defrost stainless steel products in electric rice cooker.

(1) The lid is not for use neither in microwave nor in oven.

(2) For microwave usage, only use one product at a time.

(3) Do not microwave empty stainless product.

(4) Max usage time in microwave = 5 Minutes at full power.

(5) Prevent usage of aluminium foil or plastic food wraps with microwave.

(6) Please ALWAYS use gloves to prevent possible burns while using in microwave and/or oven.

(7) Do not microwave to cook popcorn or to melt substances such as sugar.

(8) Defrost any frozen content before usage.

(9) Prevent any abuse of usage outside of its normal and intended usage.

980ml / 19.6oz



BPA free













About Products

Stainless steel food container


Cuitisan is a revolutionary brand that adopts

only high quality materials for its stainless steel products.


The containers are light, airtight, easy to clean and also extremely resistant to

a wide temperature range (from -40°C up to 400°C). the products are suitable for

freezer, fridge, microwave* and oven* (*without lid).



 Good Quality material

Original POSCO Stainless steel 304-18/8

Stainless teal


Free of Bisphenol A (Chemical compound)

Suitable for Home Appliances

Freezer Safe


Microwave Safe (without lid)

Oven Safe (without lid)

Dishwasher Safe